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About Us

Akvadent Beylikdüzü dental clinic is a private dental outpatient clinic serving as a dental hospital. We provide services with all specialists and experienced physicians. We have provided the services ; dental implant, oral and maxillofacial surgery, Endodontics (root canal treatment, braces (Orthodontic Treatment), Pedodontics (children’s dentist), a gum specialist (Periodontology), dental surgery (Smile Design), Zirconium Veneers, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, bad breath Treatment, teeth grinding treatment in many areas such as the dental hospital serves as.

One of the most important pros of being in this sector for many years is that we are the first clinic that comes to mind when it is called oral and dental health, implant treatments, Smile Design in Beylikdüzünde. We can say that the most important reasons for our success are to keep patient satisfaction at the highest level, to work only with the highest quality materials and to work with highly experienced and expert doctors.


  • Dental Implant
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
  • Braces (Orthodontic Treatment))
  • Pedodontics (Children’s Dentist))
  • Gum Specialist (Periodontology)
  • Dental Aesthetics (Smile Design)
  • Zirconium Veneer, Porcelain Veneer
  • Teeth Whitening, Halitosis Treatment
  • Tooth Grinding Treatment

The most important goal we had in mind on the first day we opened the dental outpatient clinic was to offer the highest quality service and treatment possible to our patients with the lowest price. Observing that we have achieved this in the thousands of patients we have treated is our greatest help in measuring our success in our business.

In addition to this, in Turkey, we use the latest technological equipment to deliver the value and service that our European dental patients deserve. Thanks to the agreements we have made with the world’s leading companies in Implant treatments, we can deliver the best quality service to our patients at affordable prices.

Best Dental Hospital

All the treatments you need in terms of oral and dental health are always with your specialist doctors!

Smile Design

With Digital Smile Design, you can have your dream smile without encountering surprises.

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100% Patient Satisfaction


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