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Bruxism – Teeth grinding

Bruxism – Teeth grinding

Bruxism or discomfort is popularly known as tooth grinding or tooth tightening is a problem caused by the jaw joints. It Keeps the muscles of mastication and gum recession, which leads to a serious problem when it continues for a long period. it is a condition that occurs while the patient is in the sleep state, because it may not be noticed for many years. Tooth grinding treatment can be treated today with fairly simple procedures.

How Is Bruxism Understood?”

Bruxism is, by its nature, a disorder in which people sleeping alone are often years late in diagnosis. It is very easy to notice when the right methods are known. Tooth grinding or tooth tightening occurs by unintentionally tightening the jaw muscles more than they should. This often brings with it the pains encountered during the day and is the easiest way to diagnose. If you feel burning-like pain almost every day, especially in the jaw joints and on the line that runs from the cheek to the temple, this can be caused by bruxism. Of course, the most accurate diagnosis will be provided with the help of a doctor, since every pain that occurs in the face area will not be caused by tooth tightening. What Are The Causes Of Bruxism?”

What Are The Causes Of Bruxism?

The most common cause of bruxism is structural disorders. If there is a deformity in any of the building blocks that make up the jaw, teeth, palates, cheeks, in short, the face, the muscles do not work correctly and may cause tooth grinding problems. It is also known that psychological problems such as stress, anxiety, and fear experienced during the day cause tooth tightening problems.

Besides, some drugs interfere with the jaw muscles as a side effect. Other reasons can be summarized as neurological problems, nervous disorders such as Huntington’s or Parkinson’s, traumas, and digestive system problems.

Bruxism (Teeth Grinding – Bruxism) What Is The Treatment?”

Because bruxism can have a wide variety of causes, it is essential to determine the source of the problem first to talk about the treatment of tooth grinding. However, based on the source of the problem, the treatment can be divided into three psychological, pharmacological and orthodontic.

Psychological treatment is used if the factors that cause the patient’s tooth tightening problem are of psychological origin. It covers solutions such as therapy and hypnosis to help the patient relax.

Pharmacological treatment covers the use of drugs with novelization and analgesic properties regardless of the source of the problem. These drugs can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep as the central nervous system prevents certain commands from being sent to the muscles. Also, the same drugs and creams can be used to treat the next day’s pain.

The orthodontic approach is the only method that can be applied if the reasons for teeth grinding are the origin of the mouth and jaw. Relief is provided by eliminating the problems that arise in observations made using radiological imaging techniques, both by hand and by an eye examination. Although tooth grinding is not very common, it may require surgical interventions.


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