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What is a dental abscess and how does it treat?

dental abscess reasons1. What Is A Dental Abscess?

Abscess is a medical term and its meaning is “the accumulation of pus (pus) in an area of the body”. In other words, the inflammation that occurs as a result of the invasion of bacteria anywhere in the body causes the cells to die. These dead cells and damaged white blood cells that fight bacteria can not leave the body because they accumulate in a certain area to create swelling. If this swelling occurs in the gum or root of the tooth, it is called an abscess of the tooth.

2. What Causes A Dental Abscess?dental abscess treatment

A dental abscess is a condition that can be prevented before it occurs. However, to protect your body from this discomfort, you must first know what causes it. The most common cause of abscess is commonly consumed foods and drinks containing sugar and carbohydrates. After consuming such foods, the mouth becomes conducive to the growth of bacteria. And these bacteria go deep through the cavities and fractures in the teeth, causing abscesses.

If you are looking for a dental implant, you may want to look at your dentist’s office and see if you have any problems with your teeth. When it is difficult to take care of your teeth, try to remember this: emptying the abscess is a much more laborious process.

3. What Are The Symptoms Of Dental Abscess?

  • Constant pain on the teeth and gums.
  • Extreme sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold foods and drinks.
  • No pressure to open and close the mouth.
  • On advanced cases, swelling from the jaw to the neck.
  • Fever and weakness in the body.

4.Is Dental Abscess Harmful?

Due to the structure of the dental abscess, it consists of dead cells and white blood cells that have changed with inflammation. Long periods of this harmful substance under the skin may mean it will be a precursor to bigger problems. For this reason, although abscess does not start as a harmful problem that threatens general health, if it is not intervened within a short period of time, the spread of microorganisms can reach a dangerous size for not being controlled. The main risks that are present are infection to the bone, turning into a disease called ostomyelitis, and laying the groundwork for the formation of tumors in the root of the tooth.

5. How Does A Tooth Abscess Pass (Dental Abscess Treatment)?

abscess healing

There are 2 basic methods used in the treatment of dental abscess. The first is antibiotics. In most cases the dental abscess is not fully treated with antibiotics. Instead, antibiotics for abscesses act as cleaning and relieving. In some cases of abscess, the antibiotic results in full recovery, but abscess drainage is actually possible with root canal treatment and surgical operations. It is the location and size of the tooth abscess that determines the course of treatment.

If the tooth abscess does not pass with antibiotics, the second step is root canal therapy. A hole is opened in the middle part of the tooth through root canal treatment and the canals that prepare the ground for the formation of the abscess are cleaned. This treatment provides full recovery in the vast majority of patients. However, in some cases, surgery may be necessary if abscess drainage is not available.


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