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Conservative and restorative dental treatment

What Is Conservative Dental Treatment?

Conservative and restorative dental treatment for any reason, the hard tissue of the tooth decay and the like in the form of disturbances occur if the referenced treatment. The treatment process consists of several stages, which are short and easy. The dentist starts by cleaning the deformed Rotten hard tissue in the conservative part of this type of treatment. Then, by taking into account the remaining intact parts of the tooth, the rotten tooth tissue is cleaned and repaired with a filling. The earlier the treatment is treated, the more successful it will be.

tooth filling

What Is Restorative Dental Treatment?

If the tooth is damaged, the tooth will be replaced with a filling material. This method is done both to make the appearance aesthetic and to protect the function of the tooth. To apply conservative and restorative dental treatment to the patient, the tooth in question must be salvageable. As can be understood by the name, the dentist will prefer to save the tooth instead of avoiding the problem if there is a possibility that the tooth can be saved. In preventive dentistry, protecting and repairing teeth and ensuring that they healthily remain in the mouth is our priority.

How Can Tooth Decay Be Prevented?

There are 4 golden rules adopted by all dentists for preventing the formation of rotten teeth:

Care should be taken to brush the teeth correctly and regularly at least 2 times a day.
Plenty of water consumption and mouth churning after meals will prevent food deposits.
Acid and sugary foods, if consumed in a large amount of tooth enamel damage the formation of Decay opens the way.
And of course, regular dental checkups every 6 months will allow us to know all the problems that may occur in advance, so we can have healthy teeth with much lower treatment costs.

It is useful to reduce the snacks between meals. This will help prevent plaque from producing acid and reduce the frequency of acid attacks on teeth.

Be careful to drink more water, especially when drug use is present. Some drugs can reduce the rate of saliva secreted by the body. In this case, tooth decay is more dangerous to occur in terms of.

Use toothpaste or mouthwash with fluoride content. Fluoride helps make the tooth surface harder and stronger.
It is very important to visit your dentist every 6 months.

By cleaning your teeth, examines whether the cavity is present.

Types Of Dental Fillings

Two basic types of fill are still in use today. The first of these is amalgam fillings, popularly known as silver fillings. The other is a composite filling called white fillings.




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