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Halitosis is a condition that we all fear when it comes to any social interaction. Because of the fact that you are harassing the person in front of you without even realizing it does not create a pleasant impression. Bad breath, or “halitosis” as it is called in medical terminology, is a problem that can happen to anyone without any preconditions. If the questions you have in mind are “what are the causes of bad breath” or “how does bad breath pass”, you will be interested in what we will tell you.

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath? What Causes Bad Breath ?

Halitosis-halitosis is often an indicator of some simple problems, but sometimes it points to a more critical problem in the body

at being able to. The most common causes of bad breath are as follows::

ağız kokusu

Not brushing teeth and tongue correctly,
Inflammation of the gums and similar disorders,
Tooth stones,
Bruises that occur on the teeth,
Short-term flu, cold, such as the discharge caused by diseases,
Genetic structure disorders
The organs and structures that are parts of the respiratory and digestive system, such as the stomach, intestines, throat, nose, etc., do not function as they should.,
Wounds in the mouth (aft, herpes, etc.)),
Creating an environment that will allow bacteria to grow in the mouth with food leftovers between the teeth as a result of not chewing properly and swallowing.,

The main known causes of bad breath

How To Get Rid of Bad Breath ?

As mentioned above, halitosis is a very annoying problem and the situations that cause bad breath are too much. But halitosis is not a problem you have to suffer from Forever. The first step in the path you should follow when dealing with this problem should be an examination by a dentist. Because knowing where the problem originated makes it easier for you to solve it. However, some small changes in your lifestyle will also help you to remove bad breath.:

Brush your teeth correctly. Proper oral hygiene is achieved by cleaning not only the tooth but also the tongue and cheeks.
Be careful what you eat. Sugary foods have been proven to cause bad breath as well as many harm.
For at least 2 litres per day. Water will reduce your bad breath by making all the organs in your digestive system work more efficiently.
Fight bad breath in natural ways. Consuming herbs such as parsley, basil, thyme and mint in meals or Raw will help eliminate the bad smell.
Fix your Vitamin deficiency. The lack of vitamins and minerals that the body needs is considered among the reasons for bad breath. To prevent this, use a simple blood test to identify the missing vitamins in your body and eat supplements.
Eat breakfast and avoid long-term starvation. Frequent, minimal and healthy eating will help prevent bad breath.
Check for various organ deficiencies. As well as kidney and liver failure, diabetes is also the cause of bad breath.


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