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Dental Aesthetic – Hollywood Smile

Dental Aesthetic – Hollywood Smile

Dental aesthetics is a type of application made in case of problems in the general appearance of teeth. The teeth to be aligned, aesthetic dental implants look, and at the same time, the healthy tooth structure has to construct to provide sure with a smile in every area of life.

The methods used for dental aesthetics are different from each other. The methods determined by the structure of the person’s mouth and teeth are often applying to the following ways:

Laminated leaf porcelain
Full ceramic coatings
Porcelain fillings

Dental AestheticTeeth are an essential factor affecting social life. When addressing someone, making teeth look corrupt or distorted while chatting somewhere, it kills the aestheticism. That makes life unbearable. A pleasant smile is instrumental in establishing healthier communication.

For this reason, those who do not have problems with their natural teeth; those who are line up in harmony are describing as “very lucky.” However, those who have questions in their teeth due to birth or different factors can also solve this problem. With the application of dental aesthetics, teeth can be arranged sequentially.

To communicate more effectively in social life and at the same time to communicate with the person in front of you not to leave the wrong impression to have a dental aesthetic application will be extremely useful and will protect you from this type of adverse situation.

A Dental implant is a dental Root made of titanium. The reason for using titanium is that it can adapt to the human body in a short time and prevent the formation of different flavors in the mouth. Dental implants are usually performing the jawbone without any support from the adjacent teeth. After applying the implant to the jawbone, it is expecting that the implant will fully fit within three months. After this process, teeth are made. The process is performing patience’s wishes for the design of the teeth and for the person to reach an aesthetic appearance. This process is completing on average between 3 and 10 days.


Dental surgery is not as long-lasting as it used to be. Medical offered by dentists of the developing world, thanks to the structure of one’s teeth disorder and depending on the state, sometimes in a single session, can be performing in dental surgery.

Dental Aesthetic HollywoodSmile aesthetics in one session, laminated dental veneer (leaf porcelain application), full ceramic Bridge application, and porcelain filling application are such operations. In such cases, after tooth measurement is taking with the cameras offered by advanced technology, the image is taken and transferred to the computer environment in 3D with the help of a digital camera. After the appearance of the tooth is deciding between the patient and the doctor, the process is completing by scraping from individual porcelain blocks by the new dental device. Thanks to this application, people with dental disorders can achieve their desired results with a single session without having to have more than one session.

The application of teeth whitening

Another condition that causes teeth to look bad is the yellowing of the teeth or losing their original color. In this type of case, teeth whitening is performing among aesthetic applications. It is important to remember that the teeth are soft and soft. Teeth tooth whitening preparations that are applied to the teeth to change the color of teeth by eliminating the conditions that cause that allows you to have a more aesthetic and beautiful look.

Is teeth whitening harmful?

Dental AestheticTeeth whitening can require one or more sessions depending on the color of the teeth, and there is no harm to the teeth. In addition to all these particular techniques, patients can perform teeth whitening applications on their own at home.

Make an appointment for successful results

The most important way to achieve successful outcomes in Smile aesthetics is to choose the right physician. You can contact Akvadent specialists who are experts in the field and have long-time experience to get detailed information about dental surgery and make an appointment.


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