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Turkey Smile Design Price – 2022 Perfect smiles!.

Research has shown that when two people meet for the first time, they carefully observe each other's eyes and mouth environment and make their first impressions accordingly. Naturally, having a healthy smile will help you to have a more definite idea of people as well as strong self-confidence.

Turkey Smile Design Price – 2022 Perfect smiles!.

However, many people today strive to have more robust and more aesthetic smiles with the series of operations and practices we call smile aesthetics or smile design. Because one of the most essential elements that make up a beautiful face is a lovely smile is undeniably true.

Smile DesignSo what is this smile design? In the shortest term, smile design means removing all defects in the tooth and the structure of the mouth in general and having a healthier-looking, more aesthetic smile.

Interventions For Turkey Smile Design

For a smile to be called aesthetic, the three essential features sought in teeth are:

it is mentioned. According to this rule:

The position of the teeth must be perfect,

Should not be missing any teeth,

The teeth should be naturally white.

All of the applications made to the teeth to provide smile design are aimed at these three problems.

The first application made to patients who apply with the request of smile aesthetics is to control the posture disorders of the teeth. Also called perplexity, posture, and position disorders detected in teeth, if possible, with the help of braces, if not orthodontic and surgical interventions, are corrected.

Then the missing teeth are dealt with, and these teeth are restored to the patient with prosthetic and implant applications. But the deformations by the dentist’s recommendation is not missing crowded teeth (short teeth, the teeth like to have more space between) coating may also be suitable.

In the final stage, the stains on the teeth are cleaned. Teeth are whitened and polished to the desired level. This procedure can be repeated if it is deemed necessary by the dentist.

Other Interventions For Smile Aesthetics

Smile Design TurkeyEven if you have perfect teeth, this may not guarantee you a healthy and aesthetic smile. Because in many cases, the defects in the jaw structure are of greater importance compared to the teeth. Jaw disorders are divided into two, those that are genetic and those that occur over time. Any change in the jaw structure will negatively affect the expression posture on the face and indirectly the Turkey smile design. Bone development is not fully terminated in patients with Jawbone, and joint structure disorders are more comfortable to correct. In contrast, the treatment of jaw disorders encountered in adults is often possible with orthopedic and orthodontic surgery.

The smile aesthetic as a whole needs to reach the desired level. If the dentist considers it necessary, he or she can perform a graft application to close the missing parts or decrease the excess parts with a small operation.

Types Of Smile Aesthetics

Three common types of laughs can be mentioned. These are attractive-aesthetic laughter, intellectual laughter, and sporty laughter. Attractive-the front teeth are at the forefront of an aesthetic smile. This structure gives you a younger smile. In a brilliant smile, the upper-lower and anterior-lateral balance of the teeth is equal. This is considered to provide a much more mature and wise laugh. In a sporty smile, the teeth in the middle are slightly longer compared to the teeth in the side. This also offers a more active smile.


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