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Turkey Zirconium Crown Prices

To achieve a more aesthetic appearance and to make mouth-to-tooth functions more functional, zirconium coating is a method of dental veneers that has recently been recommended by dentists. Turkey Zirconium teeth prices have been present in the form of porcelain veneers since ancient times.

Turkey Zirconium Crown Prices

Porcelain teeth, which are applied in two different ways as” Metal-backed dental veneer “and” metal-supported tooth veneer”, have started to be produced with different veneer methods due to increased aesthetic perception over time. Zircon dental veneer is one of them and is the most preferred method of tooth veneer in recent years.

As well as an aesthetic appearance in terms of Health is an extremely effective treatment method zirconium dental veneers are more preferred.

Zircon teeth, although not an allergic feature of corrosion and white with light-permeable property is a substance that is more used in the tooth area. However, it is useful to say that there are also areas of use.

Porcelain teeth applied in earlier periods generally leave a different taste in the mouth and due to the change in color, aestheticism remained in the background a little more. However, with the advancement of today’s medical technology, this type of negativity has been eliminated thanks to new studies in the field of oral and dental health. Zircon tooth coating is a type of tooth that is more durable than other types of teeth, does not leave a metal taste in the mouth, has white and light-permeable properties and starts to make more self-mention.

How long does zirconium treatment take?

The most important feature of zircon ceramic treatment is the completion of treatment in a short time. Dental specialists say that 5 days is enough for zircon ceramic treatment in general. In other words, there is no need to wait a long time to have an aesthetic smile.

What are the advantages of zirconium tooth coating?”

The light permeability of metal-backed coatings is very low, and this causes a dark color to develop in the gums over time. Developed oral and dental health and the external light transmittance is higher and the obtained zirconium into the world of the White color over time due to the darkness does not cause gums.

Aestheticism is not a very sought after thing in Metal-backed dental veneers. However, zirconium does not cause a dull appearance that can occur over time in teeth due to its ability to pass light as opposed to this. The teeth are closer to their original state; they provide a healthier, more transparent and more natural appearance.

Turkey Zirconium Is A Dental Veneer Pest?

Although zircon dental veneers are generally preferred in terms of aesthetics, it is also a treatment that has positive effects on dental health. This is because zirconium is more compatible with the gums and does not harm the gums in any way. Gum disease, which occurs around the gums of teeth made of zirconium veneers, is much lower than metal veneers.

People who are allergic to metal avoid metal-backed dental veneers. This problem is also eliminated thanks to zirconium dental treatment, which is presented to the medical world in an improved way. This is because zirconium coating is an ideal dental treatment method for those who are resistant to heat and allergic to metal.

What is the difference between Metal-backed porcelain veneer and zirconium tooth veneer?

One of the biggest problems experienced by patients with the metal-backed coating is sensitivity to heat. With zirconium plating, this problem also goes away. Both the lack of hot-cold sensitivity and the fact that it is more durable than metal-backed dental veneers provides a great advantage for those who prefer treatment with this method.

Smoking, coffee and other substances that leave stains on the teeth lead to yellowing of the teeth in metal-backed coatings. However, zirconium coating is extremely durable and this type of problem is not experienced.


Where are Turkey zirconium teeth used?”

Zircon dental veneer is a dental treatment method used more in the field of aesthetics. In cases where positive results are not achieved, zirconium is used even though methods such as teeth whitening are applied. General uses include:

Advanced coloring,
Treatment of hereditary structure coloration,
In cases where orthodontic treatment is not preferred” diastema ” such as discrete or less perplexed, facing dental treatment,
Color and structure of old fillings corrupted,
As a covering or bridge in the back group teeth,
Pre-Group implant prosthetics,
Zirconium coating is used to create smile aesthetics.
Frequently asked questions about zirconium
I’m allergic to metal, can I use zircon teeth?

Zirconium coating does not leave a metallic taste in the mouth because there is no metal in it and those who are allergic to metal can use it easily.

Does zircon coating cause a different taste and smell in my mouth?

Because it is not metal-backed, it does not cause different tastes in the mouth and does not smell.

Will Turkey zirconium tooth undergo discoloration in the future?

Zirconium teeth do not cause plaque formation as they have a smooth and slippery floor and maintain their whiteness for longer than metal-backed teeth. If the patient pays attention to proper oral and dental care, he/she will not have problems with his / her teeth for life.

How should the maintenance of zirconium teeth be done?

Zirconium coating can be used for much longer than other types of teeth. Care should be like normal teeth, but it is necessary to make sure that the brush used is soft hairy.

Does zirconium damage teeth when they need to be replaced?

If zircon veneers need to be removed for any reason, it does not cause any harm because the removal process is done by cutting.

How are zircon tooth coatings applied?

As with other dentures, zirconium coating is applied after the tooth is reduced and the tooth and gum become healthy. Zirconium coating in the laboratory environment, teeth are designed and prepared in the appropriate color. After the preparation phase is completed, it is applied with the help of special adhesive.

How to remove aesthetic losses in the zirconium dental veneer treatment process?

For zircon coating to be applied, it is expected that teeth and gums become healthy after the teeth are cut. Especially in cases that need to be applied on the front teeth, coatings made of acrylics are used temporarily. Although they are not very durable to the force, there is no loss of aesthetics as the color harmony is clear.

What age is zircon dental veneer suitable for?

People with permanent teeth, from all ages in terms of aesthetic or other reasons can have zircon coating. However, in treatments up to 18-20 years old, gaps can be seen as a result of jaw growth. In such cases, it needs to be renewed frequently.

Are there disadvantages of zircon tooth coating?

It is not recommended to use long-spaced teeth as there is a veneer on the tooth. Zirconium coating is not recommended for this type of structure because it has more fracture conditions.

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